Mobile Storage Cabinets

Bott Mobile Storage 525 x 525
Mobile Cabinets 525mmW x 525mmD

Cubio maintenance trolleys with
cupboards and drawers.
High quality castors for great mobility.
Perfect for use in workshops or schools.

Bott Mobile Storage 650 x 650
Mobile Cabinets 650mmW x 650mMD

Heavy duty mobile Bott units.
Suitable for storing or holding
tools and small parts.
Secure systems and balanced units.

Bott Mobile Storage 800 x 650
Mobile Cabinets 800mmW x 650mmD

Bott industrial use mobile drawer units.
Storing up to 50kg per drawer.
Comfortable handles and smooth mobility

Bott Mobile Storage 1050 x 750
Mobile Cabinets 1050mmW x 750mmD

Mobile Cubio Bott units with 100%
extension drawers.
Drawer blocking to prevent drawers
opening during transit.
Drawer divider kits and boxes available.
Ideal for industrial use.