650mm Deep Tool Cabinets

Bott Cubio Drawer Cabinets 525 x 650 Engineering tool storage cabinets
525mm W x 650 D

Bott Cubio 525mm Wide Modules
with full extension drawers

See other sections for 525 & 750 Deep

Bott Professional Cubio Tool Storage Drawer Cabinets 65cm x 65cm
650mm W x 650 D

Cubio the Professional range
from Bott Ltd

made in UK

Bott100% extension Drawer units 800 x 650 for Labs and Test facilities
800mm W x 650mm D

Heavy Duty Drawers

Range of inserts &
Divider Systems

Bott Drawer Cabinets 1050 x 650 installed in your Engineering Department
1050mm W x 650 D

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